1.  How I feel about me when I'm with him.
2.  That he loves people for who they are and forgives them for who they aren't.
3.  That he eats his Tito's Tacos with Ketchup.
4.  His sarcasm, wit, and silly sense of humor.
5.  How we can talk for hours and it seems like minutes.
6.  How, without a strong rolemodel, he grew up to be an amazing father.
7.  How important being an amazing father is to him.
8.  That he knows who I am and loves me anyway.
9.  That he is competent
10. That he is so beautiful. I know he prefers handsome but I think he is Beautiful.
11. His penis~ no offense but it is absolutely true.
12. How he makes love to me.
13. That he matches my mushy sensitivity cheesy love line for cheesy love line.
14. That he inspires me to be a better person.
15. That he thinks I'm good enough
16.  He is my shelter.
17. That amazing love songs remind him of us.
18. He makes me feel powerful.
19. He lets me top him.
20. He tops me.
21. The things he says during sex.
22. When he sends me a love text.
23. That I lust for him.
24. That I feel safe in his arms.
25. That he knows so many things I don't
26. That he listens to me as if what I say is truly important
27. That he values what I do.
28. That he tries but not too hard with my kids,
29. That he dreams of slaying dragons.
30. That my happiness is important.
31. That he allows himself to be vulnerable with me.
32. That he saves all my notes and cards.
33. How interesting and interested he is.
34. How proud I feel standing beside him.
35. How I ache when we are apart.
36. That he really listens to all my crazy ideas and plans.
37. How I miss him before the door even shuts or the phone even clicks.
38. How he reaches for me in the middle of the night.
39. That he bathes me, rubs my feet, and massages me.
40. That he always gives me a second chance.
41. That he likes to play games.
42. That he allows himself to be silly.
43. That he can't stop talking about how amazing our sex life is.
44. That he lets me be there for him.
45. How he is there for me.
46. The first thing he says to me every morning. And the last thing he says to me every night.
47. That his touch can calm me or excite me depending on exactly what I need.
48. That he holds me all night no matter how numb his arm gets.
49. That he tells me he loves me every single day.
50. That after 5 years we still have New Relationship Energy
51. That our love makes Other people roll their eyes.
52. That our love makes other people smile.
53. He is a partner, a lover, and a best friend all rolled into one.
54. That he made me believe in fairy tales, if not fate, destiny and soulmates.

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